Rooter Services
Drain & Sewer Line Cleaning

When a backup occurs you need to take immediate action. Left blocked for too long, drain and sewer line backups can cause major interior damage to your home and to your yard. At R&J Septic we are available for 24 Hour Emergency Service to handle these not-so-pleasant situations.

In the spring and summer tree roots are often the most common culprit for backups. During this time of year underground roots work their way toward water sources, cracked lines create a perfect environment for roots to grow into and very quickly lead to a backup in your home. Tight angles, heavy sludge, or frozen systems are other factors that we commonly see when it comes to cases of a drain or sewer line clog.

No matter the cause, at R&J Septic we can get things moving again. We'll inspect your system using advanced cameras, pinpoint the blockage, and clear the clog with pressurized water or an electric rooter machine. When "stuff" starts flowing the wrong way, be sure to make us your first call… 320-766-3094.

Septic System Technician performing rooter services outside a home

Septic Tank Inspections
Finding the Failure, Suggestion Solutions

At R&J Septic our septic tank inspections are often used for locating failures. From basic deterioration caused by age, to crushed or cracked tanks caused by excessive weight or tree roots, our thorough inspections will reveal the problem. Going beyond just pinpointing the issue, our septic technicians can work with you to determine the best corrective solution for your budget.

Septic Tank access hole in the grass

Septic Tank Pumping
Providing Routine Septic Maintenance

Whether your septic pumping needs are residential or commercial, we can easily complete the job. At R&J Septic we provide year-round septic pumping services, and can arrange annual pumping or provide one-time services. Providing septic pumping for nearly 20 years, we can maneuver into tight spaces and will leave your property looking no worse for wear. Contact us to schedule routine pumping or emergency pumping* services.

*When planning a large at-home get together — reunion, graduation party, or wedding reception — it is always advised to have your septic tank pumped before the event if proper maintenance has not been recently performed.

R&J Septic's Pump Truck

Thawing Services
Bringing Back the Flow to Frozen Sewer Lines & Tanks

As Minnesota residents we often live in sub-freezing temperatures for five to six months out of the year. These temps make frozen sewer lines and septic tanks a more common occurrence than we would like. And the headache doesn't end there; frozen systems can result in burst pipes and sewer backups.

When you find yourself in a situation involving frozen sewer lines you need to contact a professional. Make R&J Septic your first call (320-766-3094). Our septic company is familiar with these serious situations. We offer immediate emergency service and maintain the necessary equipment to successfully thaw and restore your septic system's normal functions.

Septic Technican pulling a hose out of a septic tank access hole

24-Hour Emergency Service
Getting the Job Done Day & Night

At R&J Septic we know that life’s unwanted "surprises" happen unexpectedly and at all hours of the day and night. Septic backups, frozen systems, and clogged drain lines don’t occur on a schedule. Unfortunately most are noticed in the evenings, throughout the night, or on the weekends. For these reasons and many more, we make our professional septic maintenance and repair services available 24/7. Whether 3pm on a Thursday afternoon, or 3am on a Saturday morning, you can count on R&J Septic to be there and to be prepared.

Tool box next to a septic tank access hole near an overflow of sewage into a yard